Cleveland Am Pro Basketball League

2011 Champions - Just a Chance


Shaw High School Marching Band


Beford Heights High School Art Students.


2011 Summer League Videos

Vance Marbury on "More Bounce" with Austin Carr

Elite Skills vs. Team Last Minute

Arena Football Cleveland Gladiator Cheerleaders

Team Air vs Mentor High School

Just A Chance vs East Tech Alumni

More League Videos




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2012 Men's Schedule(Cleveland)

2012 Women's Schedule

2012 Akron/Canton Schedule



Akron Winter League Champs

Mens Akron Am Pro

Winter League Champions -

"Team Williams"

(Akron, OH) 

Women Champs

2011 Womens League Champions

League Pictures

Norris Cole

Norris Cole of the Miami Heat (left) with Vance Marbury (right)

League Pictures

Stockman Basketball


Team Mentor


Elite Skills


Iggy Boys




Team Cavs


Team Shaker with Louisville SigneeTerry Rozier (Black Sweatshirt)



Heights Young'ns

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